If it aint pink, it stink!

Once upon a time there were two girls, on the look out for cute streetwear clothes that matched their kawaii pink aesthetics. This was an ever failing search, so these two girls decided to make their dream closet themselves! 

TCTK stands for cute streetwear for (wo)men and can be worn by any- body who feels like wearing it. They differentiate themselves by their pastel colours, attention for design and shape. They add to a male dominated streetwear scene. while the streets are filled with brands like Nike, Supreme, Palace and Adidas, TCTK was born to spice up your life. 

Their motto is to always be too cute to kill, so that counts for every body shape, every season and every gender. TCTK is not looking for fast fashion, but they are looking for perfect fitted quality cute pieces that is made for any kind of beautiful body! For TCTK there is no such thing as a new closet for a new season, actually they don’t have a season at all, it is important that you can mix all your pieces into an outfit, to make your items look fun all year round. 

All items are handmade to order in our home-studio, sometimes it may take a little before your kawaii goods arrive. Bu hey they are ethically made by two girls with a passion, with a lot of love!

And babe always remember: “You don’t have to look boring to be taken serious.


XOXO Cécile & Rosa